Tuesday, August 23, 2011

"The Day My Love Seat Shook"

So the great 5.9 mag that rocked Virginia
and sent a scurry of shakes through many
states was nothing more than the belch
of a 2 year old during dinner:
It was loud, caused a ruckus; but in the
end did nobody any damage.

At least that's the early thoughts being
circulated through the 24 Hour News

For me, hundreds of miles away from
the epicenter in Virginia, I merely mistook
what I thought was the severe scratching
of the dog up against the love seat... and
discovered upon the instant media that
I love... and visual evidence of a sleeping dog...
that I felt the like many others the earth move.

A strange sensation it was... even this far away.

SO, I survived the Great Shake of 8/23/11...
as, apparently, everyone else did.

Now, we who survived it all must turn our
attention to the ocean, and the nasty lady
who is whipping up quite a stir.

Goodbye shaky shake... hello, Irene.