Thursday, September 30, 2010


He may look cute, be he's a home-invader...
a little bit of trouble that mirrors poison ivy...

Yet, for me, the he is really a she, and she has
a little family of Chip and Dales. She and her
lot call home the blocks with which my burning
barrell sits upon.

And for days now, Ms. Grinny has taunted
and teased me.

Lukensteins and my attempt at mouse trap
was to no avail yesterday. We set the trap right
outside Ms. Grinny's front door, and then watched
as she and Chip and Dale went in and out past it
with no interest. Don't chipmuncks like peanut butter?

So, last night went to get the solution:
The almighty .177 caliber pellet gun,
with scope, 1300 ft. per second...
It resembles more of a .22 than it does
a pellet gun. The solution would be mine.
And our home would be rid of all
chipmunck scum.

But when I got to my dad's to retrieve the
beast of Alvin-elimination, my hopes were
dashed... no scope, not sighted in, and no
way to shoot without major practice.

And hence, I come home with this:

Open sights, 350 ft. per second. It's like putting a needle in a straw and calling a blow dart.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

"Where's the Hose?"

SO, yes, we here at the Trimble abode
watch, probably, way too much Disney
Channel everyday. It's starting to get
to all of us I think.

Some of Disney's shows have characters
that ask questions to their young audience.

Mickey might say, "Can you clap with
us so that Goofy can make his airplane
fly higher in the sky?" There will be a
few second pause, where I guess the
kids at home reply to Mickey. And
then Mickey will say after pause,
"well, all right, thanks."

There is a show on Disney called
"Special Agent Oso". He's a stuffed
teddy bear who helps kids in
crisis. Well, toddler crisis.

But Oso (whom I've called Oso Stupid
from time to time) is very good for
asking the viewing toddler audience
to help him.

"Can you find the dog?"
"Can you see the oven?"
"Can you tell me where the shovel is?"

Usually it is met with silence or a whisper
in our home. But not today.

Oso is standing with a hose hanging
on the wall behind him. He's suppose
to use the hose to water the flower
seeds he and his toddler friend
had just planted.

SO, as usual, Oso asks his toddler
viewing audience this, "Can you help
us find the hose?"

TO which the reply of my Lukenstein
was, in his loud, perturbed voice,

Friday, September 24, 2010


No joke, I just deleted the greatest blog
that every came streaming out of my
brain, down to my fingertips and onto
this screen.

I saved it.

It vanished.

And now I'm sitting here trying to figure
what God intended for my life by this
unfortunate event happening. What's
significant thing should I be learning
from this horrible mistake?

And as fleeting as my brain resets to
the pause position, I think: it really
is just something that happened.
Nothing more, nothing less.

Do I do this way to much in my life...
try to paint God into my circumstance
as if there is something so more greater
going on than just me.

Now, I'm not saying God is not in it all.
But some times, when you have a flat
tire, it's just a flat tire... and just
because you had a flat tire right out
in front of Burger King doesn't mean
you were divined to go to Burger King...
and just because some fellow in
BK sees you and comes out to offer
assistance doesn't mean your flat
tire was about you.

It could have easily been for the fellow in BK.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

"The Lovely 2 Year Old"

One might think that by now, I would have
formulated some sort of plan to deal with
what lies ahead: the 2 to 3.5 years of a
childs life.

I mean, really, this isn't actually rocket
science to me any more. I've been through
it 3 times before.

The fourth and final chapter of this
portion of my parenting work probably
seems to be the coming of the worst; but
is more likely I'm living the now and
the faded memories of how rotten the
other three were have faded with

Levi Jacob Trimble.

You are either going to end up in a
2T sized straight jacket, or I'm going
to end up trying to swim across the
Ohio River.

I haven't quite come up with a good
nickname yet for the youngster.
Hurricane Noah.
PE Abby

Levi. Levi. Levi.
Still pending.

And with any luck, maybe I'll
survive the next 1.5 years to
write a book about it.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

"Wicked Cool"

SO, I've blogged about the cross orb.
I most welcome spider who rids our
porch and yard of the most vile
of flying insects. She, the cross orb,
has moved on (only guess this because
I've haven't seen her web around in
a few days).

Also, however, therefore...
bad english there I think.

We also had a vistor a couple
weeks back that hung out on our
porch for a 36 or so hour period.
The ever-loving, husband eating
(much the same as the cross orb)
fly and pest insect killing queen
of green.
The praying mantis. A most
beautiful sight when one can no
longer stand carrying a fly swatter
around OUTSIDE.

The praying mantis.
Her hand held so closely together.
The cross orb spider.
Marked on her back with a most
discernable cross.

Wicked Cool.

Yes, they are expert killers...
if you're an insect.

But to me, they both are most
excellent friends... removing the
most unwanted in my yard.

The cross... Prayer.

Both remove the most unwanted
in my life. One for all time.
One for daily strength to die to
self and live for a more excellent

The cross.

Is any one of you in trouble?
He should pray.
Is anyone happy?
Let him sing songs of praise.
Is any one of yous sick?
He should call the eldersw of the
church to pray over him and annoint
him with oil in the name of the Lord.
And the prayer offered in faith will
make the sick person well;
the Lord will raise him up.
If he has sinned, he will be forgiven.
Therefore confess your sins to
each other and pray for each
other so that you may be healed.
The prayer of a righteous man is
powerful and effective.
James 5:13-16 NIV

Monday, September 13, 2010

"15 Seconds"

Tell me what happens in 15 seconds.

Really, how does so little time
change so much?

I'm not sure how much I breath
or blink in 15 seconds.

I'm not sure how much trouble
a 4 year old can get in 15 seconds.

How far around Daytona Speedway
will a Sprint Cup car go in 15 seconds?

How many people die in 15 seconds
worldwide; or how many are born
worldwide in 15 seconds?

15 seconds.

15 seconds.

15 seconds.

I spend the better part of yesterday
from 1 to 4 waching the Steelers/Falcons
field goal fest.

And in a matter of 15 seconds of
overtime, the game was decided.
It was certainly the most exciting
15 seconds of the game... but
really. REALLY?

15 seconds. 1/4th of a minute.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

"Something Beautiful"

I feel the waves crashing on my feet
It's like I know where I need to be
I can't figure out
No, I can't figure out
Just how much air I will need to breathe
When your wave crashes over me
There's only one way to figure out
Will you let me drown Will you let me drown

Hey now, this is my desire
Consume me like a fire
Cause I just want
Something beautiful to touch me
I know that I'm in reach
I am down on my knees
And waiting for
Something beautiful

And the water is rising quick
And for years I was scared of it
We can't be sure when it will subside
So I won't leave your side
No I can't leave your side

Hey now, this is my desire
Consume me like a fire
Cause I just want
Something beautiful to touch me
I know that I'm in reach
I am down on my knees
And waiting for
Something beautiful