Monday, February 20, 2012


February has middle child syndrome. You know, there but relatively forgotten, unless of course there is some sort of horrid weather pattern... Bitter cold... Ice... feets of snow...

Seriously, unless February is bad, it's unnoticed.
Super Bowls, Valentine's Days, Presidents days, Leap Years, Black History Month... February is not redeemable by any of it.

It's the 2nd month...
the shortest month...
Most missed spelled...

The list can go on for a while.

But even in this rather misunderstood month
there are two days that for me make the month
most worth it.

The 11th and the 20th.

Both days that altered my life in some significant ways.

Happy Birthday Abby... Happy Birthday Noah.

There is sunshine on a dreary Feb(R)uary day!

I love you both!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

"8 Days In"

So, 8 days into the self-imposed free from Facebook February (4F)
I've got to admit that I have not just given up an unnecessary evil,
but may have propelled myself into other unnecessary evils that
I really didn't want to be involved with.

I maybe suggesting that more than giving up Facebook should be
imposed for another month. How about a full blown stay away
from the internet for a full month? Nothing I do on a daily basis
requires the internet. NOTHING.

But I'm not so sure I am ready to commit to this severe of an act.

But I am considering it.

Monday, February 6, 2012

"Super Failure"

Other than this...

and this...