Tuesday, December 22, 2009

"Merry Christmas!"

This will probably be my last blog of the year. Once Wednesday the 23rd comes, the likelihood of being on this site for the remainder of the year drops dramatically. So, I offer you all holiday wishes. I hope you will know or find the unending joy the season brings. And my prayer for you all is that you will know His joy each every day forward:


Wednesday, December 16, 2009


I haven't written lately about pet peeves. So here goes:
You have all seen one of those word verification thingys.
Why is it, not matter how clear or how blurry those thingys
are, I can't seem to get it typed right the first time?

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Last night, I heard from an old friend. Someone who had coached me many many years ago.
It was great to hear from him. It wasn't a long conversation, but after the New Year we're hoping to have our families together some weekend. The last time I saw him and his wife... well, it was at least 2, if not 3 children of mine ago. That's too long.

SO you ask, "What's the turtle got to do with this?"

Well, where I come from, it's not every day you see a turtle around. And in one afternoon a few months ago, I saw two in the forest behind my grandmother's house. Really it was amazing.
I'm not sure before that day when the last time was I saw a turtle. I took the picture after I had picked the turtle up and had him hiss in my face. It was so cool.

Christmas time is here. And as holidays do, we tend to remember when, and gather with those we don't see very often, maybe just this one time of year.

But I think this year, I would encourage you all to ask God
to reconnect you with a long lost friend.

Maybe you even need to reconnect with Him.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

"Breakfast with Santa"

It's December the 5th. And We are taking the kids to see the Jolly Elf today.

Last year was great. No tears.
Other years, not so lucky. LOTS OF TEARS.

I wonder how it will go today? Hmmm....

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

"Out of the Mouth of Babes"

This is the K-grader. 5 years old. Going on 16.

She's a straight shooter. She tells it like it is.

Spent from 3pm to 5pm asleep on grandma's couch with a migraine. I did. Not her...
or the grandma... or the k-grader. I did.

Should have been in my tree-stand awaiting Mr. 10-Point. Couldn't help it. Headache won.

Came home that night and told the family about my day. Empty handed I came.
K-grader made feel so much better. She told me if I hadn't spent 2 hours asleep on the couch and had spent them in the woods, maybe I would have gotten a deer.

Like I said. She's the real deal straight shooter.

You want to know if your clothes match right... ask Abby.
You want to know if the dinner you cooked was good or not... ask Abby.
You want to know...
or maybe you don't... ASK ABBY.

Dear Abby...

I love her. Just have to understand there will be no pulling punches with her.
the K-grader. She's 5.

God help me when she's 13 and above. Wait. God help me now.