Monday, November 24, 2008

"Howdy, Pilgrims"

With Thanksgiving only 3 days away, I thought it best to make a list of things I am thankful and grateful for this year. With all due respect to David Letterman, here's my top ten:

I am thankful for...

10. ... the opportunity God gave to me to go to the mission field and to serve him; Dominican Republic in February, and Galveston, TX in October.

9. ... God's hand in the health, safety and education of my children.

8. ... fellowship with God's people.

7. ... the way God provides for my family.

6. ... that even if I believe at times my family and Sam's are insane, I know the would be there in one word to help us out.

5. ... for the beauty God created in the beginning.

4. ... for music.

3. ... for the opportunity God has blessed me with to be the father of four wonderfully, uniquely and purposefully made children.

2. ... God has given me a wife who perfectly fits together to me, completes me,
understands me, and loves me.

1. ... that despite my selfishness, God gives His mercy and grace abundantly.


Aaron Shust said...

AMEN! good top 10. i'm gonna start following you bud. hope all is well. :)

Jake T. said...

Thanks my friend, and congrats on that new baby.