Monday, January 19, 2009

4 agonizing hours later, and the sweetness of another Super Bowl trip is tingling my nerves away.
It might be cold and snowy and rather miserable here in BeavCo, but the next two weeks of Steeler mania is going to fill the airwaves, the restaraunt chatter, the bus talk, the grocery line fodder. It will dominate.

2 things I have sought to stress and impress on my children is this:
1) love God, know God, have a personal relationship with God, serve Him wholeheartedly.
and 2) There is no other team worth rooting for unless it's the Pittsburgh Steelers. Bleed Black and Gold.

I remember within the first week of Mike Tomlins hiring by the Steelers, somebody asking me what he's got to do to be loved by the Steeler nation. And to me the answer was simple: "Win a Super Bowl, and they'll love you forever."

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