Friday, November 20, 2009

"Over the hill, and Thru the Woods..."

I love my children.

AND I love my wife.

I'm also grateful that my parents are willing to take on the four kids overnight.
This is so important for Samantha and I. It not only affords the both of us rest,
and quiet time; it goes far in keeping it real for us. It's needed, time alone.

Oh, How I urge all of you to find this time alone. It's hard, I understand.
Finding babysitters, parents live far away, no siblings to help out. I understand.

But some how, I urge you, find a way. Your marriage needs it. Your children need it.
Find someone you know and trust at church to take care of them for you. If not overnight,
at least for a long evening.

In the words of Nike: JUST DO IT!

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