Monday, July 25, 2011

"19 Inches Gone"

Today, our 19 inch, 1996 made, RCA television
finally gave up the fight to bring forth to the
viewing audience whatever the viewer desired
to waste time watching.

On, off, unplug.


15 years.

In fact, it was bought before there was a
united Trimble couple.

And to think, for the first few years of our
marriage, that's all we used to watch
programing on.


Tonight, the 19 incher sits at the curb
waiting for it's mid day ride to its final
resting spot. (unless of course some one
special drives buy and decides to see
if they can breath another life into it.)

Not sad. Nope not really.

... Now I'm sitting here trying to make
some great leap from this not-so-sad
tale, to something overwhelming profound.

And well, I ain't got nothin'!

Sometimes, a TV is just that, a TV.
Sometimes, there is no "hidden" message,
no "other" meaning...

Sometimes, it really is, "what it is".

I wonder how often I over analyze happenings
in my life and try to give them "turning the corner"
status, when merely, they are just events that
take place and have no real life-changing meaning
to them.

OR, maybe I'm too naive to see what each event
is really pointing me towards, and fail to
recognize where a I need to change my thought

I can't really say for sure... not at this moment.

I think I'll go watch some TV now on the replacement
for the 19 incher.

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