Thursday, June 28, 2012

"Answering The Questions"

I read this article over at Relevant today.

The end of the article poses these:

1. God commands us to love others. What are some of the ways you are able to best demonstrate love to those around you?  First, I must identify who "those" around me are every day.  And given my employmentless status, and where I spend all day... and more to the fact that it is summer in Western PA (schools out)... "THOSE" would be 1. my children, 2. my wife, 3. my neighbors... and going from there wherever I may venture in a day.  

So the question in my heart is "how am I demonstrating love to my children?"  And quite frankly the author of the article has gotten straight to my failure.  I need to take on the role of servant in their lives... a willing participant in serving them.  That their need for constant want should only be met with right attitude in my thoughts, words and deeds.  Never laying aside my role as disciplinarian if need be; yet never out of disciplining out of indignant postures.

Love them sacrificially;  never selfishly.

2. God deserves our gratitude and praise. Where/in what context are you most freely able to praise God? What activities, for you, are most conducive to praising God?  When truth is being delivered, by what ever medium possible, I PRAISE GOD! ... no matter what my circumstance, "how I feel" or where I stand.  God's truth that penetrates my heart brings me to a place of unhindered praise for him!

3. God gives us glimpses of his kingdom here on earth. When do you most clearly feel that sense of harmony, that everything is right with the world? Where are you? Who are you with? What are you doing?  I have to go back to #2... with a slight twist.  Some times I wonder if any thing I says penetrates the heart of my children.  Do they understand fully who I am striving to be like, and not whom I am trying to escape (that is, the sinful nature that is in me.)  And whenever they speak or act in a manner that is God honoring, at that moment, I feel that "sense of harmony";  I am with them... and I am receiving back from God an immeasurable blessing.

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