Monday, September 17, 2012

"My POTUS Pick"

So I said I was going to write a blog on why I was voting for Matt Frey for POTUS this November.  And I was certainly working through that when I remembered that I really didn’t care about matters of the political realm any longer.  So I set it on the shelf.

But here I am, back at the keys trying to wordsmith my way to blogospherical supremacy.  In other words, I’m trying to use up space.

Where I will admit that I have never once in my illustrious voting “right” ever considered the faith or lack there of faith as a criteria for extending my duty, I have had decided to allow faith to be thee number one election determining factor for THIS POTUS election.

Where as much as I can stomach researching the faith of two fallible men, I do not undertake to put myself in position to replace God as the ultimate authority of where a man stands in relations to Himself.  Simply, I only have a man’s outward actions, words, experience, history, etc. to make me understand if a man is walking by faith.  God knows the heart.  I can’t.

I make no bones, as my Facebook friends will attest too, that I am more so right resting.  (though truly I am trying to return to a more Apolitcal position and allow God’s truth guide in matters that must involve His established government.)

So to say that I am less impressed with a man who believes in aliens, and even less impressed with a man who believes in illegal aliens would be such a crude and too simple way of explaining why I will be voting for Matt Frey for POTUS.

But what about the politics?  What about taxes, healthcare, stimulus?  What about the Fed, the Middle East, the war on terror?  What about abortion, gay marriage, civil rights?
What about?  What about?  What about?

My head swirls when I consider all of this.  Really, doesn’t everyone’s head swirl when considering all of this?  I can’t solve every issue.  And really, neither can anyone who claims he/she goes into politics to make a difference, or make change. 

Really, how can we expect any sort of sense of any thing apart from God?  Quite simply put, we can’t. 

“I, I am the Lord, and there is no deliverer besides me.”  Isaiah 43:11

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