Saturday, July 3, 2010

"He's Probably A Minister"

Wally World.
Get-Go for gas.

Fun, fun, fun on a Saturday morning,
the day before Independence Day.

SO, I pump my gas and go inside to pay.
Yep, cash only guy here.
It's great.

There's one fellow working inside the
rectangle. I call it the rectangle.
The cashier area.

Anyway, a guy is standing there counting
out pennies for his egg-sandwich or
something, so I get in LINE (key to
the story) behind him.

Another fellow, is standing around the bend
of the rectangle. (He's the red circle below)

So I started messing around getting my
money ready and organized as penny
guy was finishing up. While I was doing
that, another couple stepped in to the
store to pay for something. Kind of
stopping right beside me.

The lady kind of looked at me, and
since I wasn't in too much a hurry
I told her that they could go before

Fourth of July fireworks started
here this weekend.

As penny guy was leaving,
angry white haired, white beard
man (guy in red in diagram)
says something about his chance
of paying being next... but not so

Cashier says, "I was just getting
to you."

Not good.

Angry white hair says something
not so nice again and proceeds to
verbally smack cashier around.

Well, man who came in with lady
who I allowed to go ahead of me,
says, "why don't you get in line
like the rest of us?"

Angry white hairs says, "I was
here before you."

Man w/ lady says, "not really,
he was here before us."
He points at me.

Angry white hairs says, "I was
here before him too!!!" Continues
to mumble. Storms out mumbling.

Man w/ lady says, "Some people."

And Cashiers says, "Sad thing is...
he's probably a minister."


Now, I'm not saying ministers don't
have their moments... impatience,
anger, acting like spoiled brats...
you know, SINFUL moments.
Those moments they need forgiveness for.

I mean, really, aren't ministers imperfect
finite beings like the rest of us.

A minister?

Crazy old guy maybe.
Sinful human dirty rag like me maybe.
A minister maybe.
maybe not.

Pray for you minister today. He needs your prayers.
The eyes of not only his church are on him.
The eyes of everyone are on him...
watching him...
maybe even hoping...
to see him fall.

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