Tuesday, October 5, 2010

"When The Syrups Gone"

Really, this isn't about the syrup.
It's not even about the empty water jug;
Or even about the inside out shirts found in the dryer.

It's not about the last sheet on the toilet roll...
or the last spoonful of mayo in the mayo jar;
Or even about whoever constantly leaves the
backdoor open after coming in the house.

I could say I could go on and on... but I have
learned that most of the time the little "pet peeves"
I have are really not an issue when I've got
plenty of food in my belly and a few extra winks
in my sleep.

I realize how important food and sleep are
to a body in general, but in greater depth,
they are imperative to a well-balanced
day to day perspective.

World English Dictionary, via
dictionary.com, give this definition
for perspective as #1:
a way of regarding situations, facts, etc.,
and judging their relative importance.

In my world, without the proper food and sleep,
the relative importance of things mentioned above
and other things that could be added, are
more important than they really are.
I've got bad perspective.

But with the correct amount of
food and sleep, my perspective becomes
focused better. I see things for what
they are, mere annoyances that should
never topple me over the edge or break
down relationships in my life.


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