Tuesday, June 22, 2010

"This Is Levi"

He might be the funniest of the four.

There is a comedian in our home.
Well, he thinks he is funny anyway.

He does seem to have a sense of humor
quite unlike the other 3 children roaming
the hardwoods of

And if the
platypus doesn't convince you that
God has a sense a humor, I invite you to come
to our house and spend a few hour with Levi...
the 3rd son of Jacob... the big funny ha ha...
THE BABY of the family.

But there is a seriousness to this character...
well, serious to everyone else and maybe not
him. See, Levi has a milk and dairy allergy.
And All of us at home are well aware of it
and are very cautious with what we eat and
how we handle our food... and Levi.

It's a major ordeal. It trouble me, but doesn't
worry me. It concerns me, but doesn't stress me.

But as this free spirit is growing older, he's starting
to notice that he eats different from the others on
some evenings. Hey, it's hard to give up milk
and cheese just to keep him completely away from it.

Not sure if that's fair to him... allowing him to exist
arms length from a disaster, but it's how we roll.
Vigilantly roll.

Some day, we pray, Levi will outgrow his allergy.
That's all we really can do. Stand aware,
be prepared, pray... the rest is up to our
Sovereign God.

O Sovereign LORD, my strong deliverer,
who shields my head in the day of battle

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