Monday, February 21, 2011

"Biblical Name Drawbacks"

So, I'm a neon signs kind of guy.

Translated that means I'm a little
thick when it comes to understanding
God's leading in my life.

Maybe I strain to hard to hear a whisper
and actually tune out the loud response
He has given...

or quite the opposite. I'm so focused on
that earthquake, tsunami, hurricane
response, I miss the faint gentle
whisper of a loving Father.

Either way, I feel there are way too many
times that I miss it. But I continue
to search.

I do however in attempt to pin down
the whisper or blast, search God's Word.

"Congrats. That's a great call. That's the
first step... next to prayer."

Not so fast. I struggle everyday to even open it.
That's sad. Unfortunately I far too often use
the Bible as a recipe book, instead of a love letter.
Tangent... another blog for another time.

Back to the search.

I try the, open the Bible and read a verse.
I try the, pick a number to equate it to a page number.
I try the, expand on the verse of the day of

I have found myself from time to time, just saying,
"God, if only there were a verse written specifically
for me, for this situation... like, 'Jacob, sell you house.'"

But there's the danger for me. I can look up verses
that have my name in the verse, but may find this:

Genesis 28:1
So Isaac called for Jacob and blessed him.
Then he commanded him: “Do not marry a Canaanite woman.

I don't even know where to find a Canaanite woman.
And besides, I'm guessing Samantha would not appreciate that.
(On a side note, thankfully Sam WAS the oldest daughter.)

You see. Sometimes, having a biblical name does have it drawbacks.

Yet, I'll continue to search... to pray... to shout after the Almighty.
Yes, shout. He's God. He's big enough. He can take it.

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