Monday, March 7, 2011

"Traditional March Observations"

From time to time, I go back and read some
of the stuff that I wrote in years past. It's
a good reminder of how I have or have not
changed over time. It's a good reminder
of happenings from home that I may have
or haven't forgotten. It's a good reminder.

I found today from last March a rambling
of sorts of stuff. So, I figured, with spring
on the horizon to wonder aloud about
things again.

#1 I Contribute To The Obesity Of Nature.


Well, I thought the 18 inch, 3 inch diameter
bird feeder full of sunflower seeds was being
emptied by chickadees and finches.
Only to discover the 2 ton squirrel that
enjoys hanging upside down to empty it.
Yeah, this squirrel is so big...
supply your own punch line here.

#2 Listening Is Not Genetic.

In fact, listening is a skill that most
people have to work all their lives
to ascertain.

#3 Laundry =equals= Lawn Mowing.

Both pointless activities that after completed
you can relish in the fact it is over and you've
accomplished something...
Only to remember that in less than 4 days,
you'll need to do it again.

#4 Daffodils.

They are currently 3 inches out of the ground.
I love the spring flowers. When you see them
poking through the surface, you know there
is a hope for the end of winter.

#5 Pittsburgh Style Sandwiches.

Italian bread. Chopped up steak.
Provolone cheese. French Fries.
Cole Slaw. (optional onions, ketchup).
Mm Mm Good.

#6 Vacuuming, Dusting, Washing Dishes.

See #3

#7 Baking Cookies or Racing Cars.

4.5 year old Luke has been adamant for months
now that he's going to race cars when he grows up.
(Pray now please)
Yesterday, he had a change of heart due to his
most passionate love for all things cookies.
He decided he wanted to be a baker.
Which excited his 7 year old sister who informed
him that when she has a family, he then could
do all the baking for her families birthdays,
holidays, etc. free of charge.

Well, some time after the completion of the few
dozen chocolate chip cookies they baked
yesterday, he had a change of heart... he still
wants to be a race car driver.

I guess 2 things come from this:
the roads of Beaver County are safe only for
another 13 or 14 years, and...
sister better start saving for all those cakes
she's going to need in the future.

#8 The Greatest Kid Magnet.

No matter how far away you go...
Downstairs from upstairs,
Pittsburgh from Baltimore,
USA from Uganda...
if you are on the phone, your children
will find you.

Nothing at that moment is more important
to a child when you are on the phone.

#9 Sunshine, Blue Skies.

In Pittsburgh, it doesn't necessarily
indicate a play-outside experience
is going to occur on that given day.

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