Wednesday, June 15, 2011

"Two Wheeling"

Abby is 7. And as of Sunday June 12th, 2011... She can ride a bike without the training wheels.

It was a little testy at first.

You know, dad's fault you can't balance...
dad's fault you can't use the breaks...
dad's fault you crash into the curb...
dad's fault...

But after about 45 minutes she was cruising around.

Tonight, 6/15/11, we returned to the open high school lot
and a gave her the chance to cruise again. And this time,
she even started on her own.

And tonight, dad's fault... well, dad was without any...
if only for the night.

Congrats, Abigail. Another milestone reached in a long
list of life's milestones.

i would have put a picture of the event
here, but i can't seem to find the camera...
probably dad's fault... :)

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