Tuesday, April 27, 2010

"Hand, Foot, Mouth"

So, what started as an 18-month-old,
3 day fight against the HFM disease,
has now turned into a total kid-dom of
mine fighting HFM for almost a week.

Sore throat, fever, just plain tiredness.
It's not overly concerning, it's just not
what the normal body wishes to deal

Slowly they have begun to recover.
All but the oldest have gotten better.

Why to write this? Well, here's
the thing. It's not some chronic
disease. It's not a part of life.
It comes and goes.

What do I have in my life that
keeps me from a healthy walk
with God? Things that come
and go? Things that seem so
major at a moment, but are really
just that... a moment?

Now, I'm not desiring on goings.
But I wonder, would I be better
with that than these things that
come and go?

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