Friday, April 9, 2010

"Would You Explain That For Me?"

All right. It's been... what day is it?
It's been 8 days since I last blogged.
It probably wouldn't have been 8 days,
but this little thing happened to me
that must be written about.

Good Friday, came and went.
Had a great service at church
on Good Friday. It was awesome.

Saturday was a beautiful, warm
day. Easter Egg hunt. Time spent
on the mountain.

Easter Sunday. HE IS ALIVE!
Woke up in the morning with some
discomfort in my lower back.
Took some drugs, motrin.
Went to church. Went to mom
and dads for dinner.

Back came the pain to my back.
More drugs. advil this time.

Around dinner time, I started
having some real serious pain.
My lovely bride said we should
go to MedExpress and have it
checked. No reason to wait until

The Docs at MedExpress told me
not to pass go, don't collect $200
and go straight to the ER.
"It's all but confirmed, Mr. Trimble,
You've got a kidney stone."

YIPPEE! I mean really.
The ER hooked me up good.
IV Drugs are wonderful when
the pain gets that intense.
Of course, people (doctors, nurses,
wives, etc...) like to ask you questions
when you're all doped up on ER drugs.

Apparently, and I do vaguely remember,
the doctor asking me how my pain started.
To which I said, "I woke up with some pain
in my back. Then I took some drugs."
To which she responded, "Would you
explain that for me?"

Apparently you don't tell doctors
that you took drugs to ease the pain.
It starts they're over-educated brains
fishing for a way to say: "get out junky,
no drug seeking here!"

But I didn't get tossed. My lovely wife
explained it all to the doctor as I drifted
back to Neverland and the 7 Dwarfs who
kept me company while I got a Catscan
of my kidneys. It was great...

Well, the pain wasn't.
And the drugs they gave me to help me
deal with the pain at home as I passed
my 2mm stone did nothing.

And by the way, 2mm stones are about
the size of red piss ants... without the
six legs of course.

SO, tuesday morning at 2am I final urinated
out the little red piss ant... went to the
urologist at 10am, who assured me
that the Catscan did not reveal any other
stones in either of my kidneys... and
that the little red piss ant that I passed
would be analyzed for its chemical makeup.

It was very undulating Easter weekend.
The best part is this: God is good...
no matter what! Period.

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