Monday, September 13, 2010

"15 Seconds"

Tell me what happens in 15 seconds.

Really, how does so little time
change so much?

I'm not sure how much I breath
or blink in 15 seconds.

I'm not sure how much trouble
a 4 year old can get in 15 seconds.

How far around Daytona Speedway
will a Sprint Cup car go in 15 seconds?

How many people die in 15 seconds
worldwide; or how many are born
worldwide in 15 seconds?

15 seconds.

15 seconds.

15 seconds.

I spend the better part of yesterday
from 1 to 4 waching the Steelers/Falcons
field goal fest.

And in a matter of 15 seconds of
overtime, the game was decided.
It was certainly the most exciting
15 seconds of the game... but
really. REALLY?

15 seconds. 1/4th of a minute.

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