Friday, September 24, 2010


No joke, I just deleted the greatest blog
that every came streaming out of my
brain, down to my fingertips and onto
this screen.

I saved it.

It vanished.

And now I'm sitting here trying to figure
what God intended for my life by this
unfortunate event happening. What's
significant thing should I be learning
from this horrible mistake?

And as fleeting as my brain resets to
the pause position, I think: it really
is just something that happened.
Nothing more, nothing less.

Do I do this way to much in my life...
try to paint God into my circumstance
as if there is something so more greater
going on than just me.

Now, I'm not saying God is not in it all.
But some times, when you have a flat
tire, it's just a flat tire... and just
because you had a flat tire right out
in front of Burger King doesn't mean
you were divined to go to Burger King...
and just because some fellow in
BK sees you and comes out to offer
assistance doesn't mean your flat
tire was about you.

It could have easily been for the fellow in BK.

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