Tuesday, September 28, 2010

"Where's the Hose?"

SO, yes, we here at the Trimble abode
watch, probably, way too much Disney
Channel everyday. It's starting to get
to all of us I think.

Some of Disney's shows have characters
that ask questions to their young audience.

Mickey might say, "Can you clap with
us so that Goofy can make his airplane
fly higher in the sky?" There will be a
few second pause, where I guess the
kids at home reply to Mickey. And
then Mickey will say after pause,
"well, all right, thanks."

There is a show on Disney called
"Special Agent Oso". He's a stuffed
teddy bear who helps kids in
crisis. Well, toddler crisis.

But Oso (whom I've called Oso Stupid
from time to time) is very good for
asking the viewing toddler audience
to help him.

"Can you find the dog?"
"Can you see the oven?"
"Can you tell me where the shovel is?"

Usually it is met with silence or a whisper
in our home. But not today.

Oso is standing with a hose hanging
on the wall behind him. He's suppose
to use the hose to water the flower
seeds he and his toddler friend
had just planted.

SO, as usual, Oso asks his toddler
viewing audience this, "Can you help
us find the hose?"

TO which the reply of my Lukenstein
was, in his loud, perturbed voice,

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