Monday, November 22, 2010

"Cleaning Brush"

I know this might not fall under the previously
declared "Thankful Things" string of blogs I
intended to blog about. But in a way, it does.

I know that I did write that I am thankful
for my children. Here's another short story

Yesterday during the Steeler's victory, my
daughter informed me that she was unable
to properly use the bathroom because here
2 younger brothers were occupying the space.
SO, I went to check it out.

I found the four-year-old trying to do his
personal business, while the 2-year-old
sat across from him (only about a foot away)
on a stool. I guess he was pretending to
do "number two" like his big brother.
I don't know what he was really doing,
but I quickly evacuated him from the

Thinking all things were now okay for
the 4-year-old to complete his task,
I returned downstairs to the game.

20 minutes later, when said four-year-old
hadn't returned downstairs after finishing
his business, I went to investigate again.

This time I found the two-year-old
trying to nap with his mother. But also
found the bathroom door locked. So I knocked.
And after a flurry of sounds behind locked
door that didn't sound very good to me,
the four-year-old opened the door.

The following is the conversation that ensued:

Me: What are doing?
Luke: I was pooping.
Me: Are you done, cause your sis...
what's that in the toilet?
Luke: I don't know.
Me: Why is that brush (cleaning brush, not hair brush)
in the toilet?
Luke: I don't know.
Me: Did you put that in the toilet?
Luke: No.
Me: You didn't put that in the toilet?
Luke: No.
Me: How did it get in the toilet?
Luke: I don't know.

Now at this point I thought I would take the funny father

Me: Did you poop that into the toilet?
Luke: Yep.
Me: That brush came out of your butt into the toilet?
Luke: Yep.
Me: Really?
Luke: Yep.
Me: You pooped that brush out of your butt into the toilet?
Luke: Yep, I pooped it into the toilet... out of my butt!

Well, we had to have a conversation about lying.
And I banished him to his bed for a few minutes.

Later when mom asked about the incident, he said
he was just "trying to clean away the stink."

Thank you, Lord, for my children. As always,
you remind me that some times I try to "clean
up my stink" when I am in reality unable to
do it.

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