Saturday, November 27, 2010


So Monday is the first day of rifle season here
in Pennsylvania. And as I sit here and watch
the "Wizard of Oz" for the who knows how
many timeth of my life, I began to think about
how much four children really know how
to hoard a tree with ornaments.

Thanksgiving has come and gone. The artificial
Christmas tree went up downstairs
on Friday; and the whole house
was transformed from a
turkey/fall decor to a
Christmas themed

Today, Saturday, the last thing to do to
complete the decorating process was
go cut down a real one, bring it home
and put it in the house... mission

Now all that's left of the Thanksgiving
weekend, is NFL football on Sunday,
and 2 days of sitting in a tree stand
hoping the BIG one decides to come
strolling by.

And really, that's how it's got to happen.
There's nothing to the hunting I'm about
to do on Monday. I don't actually
"hunt" down the deer; they just happen by.
Sure, I do feel that I've done enough knowing
about the location to give myself the upperhand;
but if they don't come, I get a good days
rest 15 feet above the ground.

It'll be good. A chance to do a lot of
reflecting and praying and napping.
What more could I ask for?

Anything to avoid the Lollipop Guild I guess.

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