Tuesday, December 28, 2010

"12:55 A.M."

I can't sleep. The reason varies actually.
I took a shower about an hour ago, and
when I do, that usually peps me up a bit.

Also, it appears that I have won a fantasy
football championship tonight by a mere
0.74 points. It is a family run league,
so having extended family bragging rights
for the next year is exciting. This may
seem a little simple, but I'm a simple guy.

I've been trying to retrospect with the
ability of 20/20 hindsight concerning
the year 2010, but I'm having a hard
time categorizing a way to do that.

As 2011 sneaks up on us, I think I would
rather forget what I forgot to do in 2010
than remember what was. I'm not even
sure if that makes any sense, then again,
I'm a no-sense kind of guy.

I am sure of one thing, I am 3 days closer
to a new year, and a year closer to eternity.
I'm not sure how "from" I am to eternity,
but I know I am closer. And when I
allow myself to think about it, the excitement
of that keeps me up at night.


2011... 20-11... I'm not sure what it brings,
but I'm sure of what it doesn't... Good-bye, 2010.

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