Thursday, December 30, 2010

"The Walk"

"The Walk"

4 balls, you say?
How can it be?
I'm not even in the box.

Why are you pointing in my direction?

I came to swing
to hit it far,
not to stand and watch.

Quit telling me to go.

Not so dramatic
walk off walk
end the game with a keen eye.

Who does this joker think he is?

I came to make a splash,
came to here a cheer,
came to make a name about me.

You stole my thunder.

I should be grateful,
should be ecstatic,
should be popping corks as well.

I am so disappointed.

Bottom 9, 2 outs, loaded...
I've played this scenario before.
I win it all, with the long ball.


Shouldn't happiness be how I'm feeling?
Shouldn't I be celebrating with my mates?
I'm miserable, walking miserable.

A winner, however, just the same.

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