Monday, January 3, 2011

"Back To School"

Well, the holiday season is officially over.
Today, it was back to getting up at 7am
to get the kids ready for school... back to
annoying alarm clocks... back to making
breakfast... the Disney channel... and
watching out the door to see if the bus
will be early, on time or a few minutes

Usually, the after holiday period of
January is a blah blah kind of time
for me. I usually feel that the time
with the entire family at home for
almost two weeks went too fast, that
I didn't do enough quality things with
the kids, spend enough time alone
with my wonderful wife.

Sure, the Steelers remaining alive
in the playoffs as long as possible
usually helps cushion the blow.
But at some point that usually
ends (thankfully not so short the
past few years) and the blah
blahs come back.

But I think this year is going to be
different. I'm not sure if that's due
to the fact that the holidays never
really took root or that I am just
ready to move into 2011 and get
to the task of seeking the wonderful
and trying things God will set before
me this year.

It's a new year... yada yada yada.
But should it really be any different
than say 12.31.10? or 8.15.10? or
3.12.10? or even 5.25.07?

Sure, I am different (hopefully for
the better) than I was at those
points in my life. But God remains
the same.

The same awesome God who created
all things in 6 days... who parted the
Red Sea... who obliterated the walls
of Jericho with a trumpet blast...
who protected David in the wilderness...
who raised Jesus from the dead...

He's not different. He's the same.
Thank Him that He is.

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