Sunday, January 23, 2011


I tweet. It's from my computer, but I do it.
I love throwing out there randomness
in 140 words/characters or less.

I also enjoy reading those I "follow".
Most of the time I find some golden
nuggets. Some times, not so much.

But I do wonder if Twitter has taken
what mom used to call "nothing nice
to say" to a whole new level.

Case in point. Jay Cutler, Bears QB
leaves the NFC Championship game
with a knee injury. Doesn't return.
Bears lose.

Oh, how the Twitter lines light up.
Players from other NFL teams
calling him out for being "soft" or
"a quitter."

Fans blasting him with phrases
and verbage that would make mom

It's really a shame.

I'm not Cutler fan. Never have been.
Think he's a little to full of himself.
My opinion... just to give you my
thoughts about him.

But fans or other NFL players or
anybody who uses their 140 characters
to blast a man for being (and this is mild)
soft... well, throwing stones with
social media is weak... and rather

Cowardly comes to mind.

Twitter can be a cool way to communicate.
It could be used to help others.
It could be used to lift others up.
It could be used to get information to others quickly.
It could be used to make others smile.
It could be used to just sigh a little.

But it also has given the haters a
way to spread their pathetic speak
from a distance.

I say the next time you want to call
out a guy for being a quitter, you show
up to the stadium and do it face to face.
Because hiding behind your blackberry
on twitter is rather... well... soft.

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