Friday, January 28, 2011

"Things That Make Me Cry"

Yep, just being a man, doesn't lessen pain...
or as the kids may have said once or more...
the ouchies.

They really do.

Something Extremely Funny!
If you something funny brings
you to the point of tears... It's
the adult version of a child
laughing until they pee their pants.

This might be more aligned with pain
than I am willing to admit, but I can't
stand it. It brings me to tears some times.

Inspirational Stories!
They move me. Inspire me.
Bring me to tears.

Overwhelming emotions of joy
bring tears, good tears.

Yes they do.
Now, mine are only 8, 6, 4 & 2,
but I shed tears with them,
over them,
because of them
& for them.

Unexpected God Moments!
How He works, in the most
smallest of ways to bring
glory to His Kingship...
Elements of Joy for sure.

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