Saturday, February 20, 2010

"8, Eight, VIII"

Happy Birthday, Son!

Noah turns 8 today. 8!
My first born is 8.

Oh how time slows for no one... not even a kid.

I remember that day very clearly.
I was working the 330am shift.
At 6am, I got the call. Got to go.

Got home in probably record time...
though I'd have to make the same trip
almost 2 years later to the day. (story)

We made it to the hospital just fine.
And @ 2:14pm, on 2/20/02
Noah David was born.

A rainy rainy day. Downpours!
Appropriate given his name.

Find out later when I get to the car:
yep, left the lights on, dead battery.
But at that point, who cared?
I was a new father.

8 years old.
8 years of new experiences.
Diapers, feedings, baseball, bike
riding, building, cleaning, trips, etc.

8 years of memories... 8 years
of joy, pain, happiness and sadness.

He's 8. Here's to a great 8th year!

Happy Birthday, Buddy. I love you.

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