Wednesday, February 17, 2010

"Snow Part II"

My grandmothers 12X12 awning fell
under the weight of snow and ice today.
She's pretty banged up. Thankfully
where she was standing on the porch
didn't put her directly under the full
weight of it all, which would have
certainly crushed her to death.
Currently the Medical Center is
running all sorts of test to make sure
the only thing wrong is the 3 inch
gash she received was the worst of it.
Prayerfully, that's all.

To you whom read this: Take a
moment to consider those you know
who have similar constructions on
their property that could use a good
dose of snow removal.

Why do wait to use our common sense?

All I'm asking is to allow my situation
to motivate you to action.

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