Thursday, February 11, 2010

"The New 6"

My princess turns 6 today.

Apparently that's a big deal for girls.
Or at least that's what she tells me.

It's not that big a deal for dads. Not like 13 or 16 might be.
At least that's what they tell me.

6 years.

That's really not a long time, yet, it seems so long ago.

I remember eating a sheetz mto
and doing... let's just say a high rate
of speed to get to the doctors office
where Samantha was.

I remember changing her name from...
let's just say something... to Abigail
after being sickened when the doctor
suggested a popular name sake of the time.

I remember a 2-year-old Noah wondering
aloud why the new baby girl in the house
didn't have... let's just say, the same
peeing apparatus as he did.

And now...

She's in K-grade.
Learning to read.
Learning all kinds of great things.

She's growing up. And she might not
be closer to leaving this house quite yet.
But my little girl is growing up.

God help us!

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