Tuesday, February 2, 2010

"Silly Groundhog"

Yep. It's time again for the hole-diggin',
clover-eatin' ground-rat to make
his "seerer of seers" prediction.
And as it happens, the shadow has been
cast (as if you can cast a shadow in
western PA anytime of the year).

6 more weeks of winter. DUH!

Only 15 times in his illustrious weather
predicting career has the hog actually
NOT seen his shadow.

15 times.

13% of his predictions
have been that of early spring.

Now, I assure you, it doesn't matter
really what that little ground piggy says.

It's February.
It's western PA.
And it's going to be "cold out there campers!"

Not that a prediction of an early spring
would have me jumping for joy. But really,
I need the sunshine. I need the warmer temperatures.
I need the children to get outside and burn their energy.

So, six more weeks of winter means to me:
six more weeks of cabin fever!

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