Tuesday, March 2, 2010


The theme of this rant revolves around
one of the most basic functions given to
men... The most basic.

For adults, it certainly is something most
do at least once daily. Even children
for that matter.

Yet, for the youngest, it is a function that
most most of the time do several times
a day; however, they alone cannot perform...

Well they can, they just need help in the clean up.

What happens when you have a diaper malfunction?
Yes, the world is full of malfunctions:
vehicle malfunctions, electronics malfunctions,
even wardrobe malfunctions.

Yet, when we experience the diaper malfunction,
well, let's just say, it can be a rather disturbing

Stinky experience if you'd like.

There is so much that one day I'm going to
miss about having an infant thru 2 year old
in the house. It's coming soon... without
regret however.

But one thing I will never miss, will be that
last diaper thrown into the genie for the
very last time.

That's not to say children, and some adults,
won't experience bowel malfunctions.
It just means the diaper will not fall off
before the pants are off; hence leading
to what I would call, YUCK!

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