Monday, March 8, 2010

"What's That Bright Light Daddy?"

The sun has officially shone
itself for the the past 4 days.

I know. What's with that?
"Don't you live in Western

Yes, Yes I do.

And as the snow slowly makes
it's way to overflow the banks
of the local rivers, comes this:

"For the second time in a year,
Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback
Ben Roethlisberger is being accused
of sexual misconduct, with police
investigating him Saturday for an
alleged assault at a nightclub in a
Georgia college town..." (espn to
read it all)

Really, I'm not sure I want to even
think about this. I admit, I listen
to sports talk radio for parts of my
day. But it's really over the top.

Not sure how to respond... or even
if I need too.

No child in my house has asked about it.
No one has called or emailed to ask
my opinion. No texts. No tweets.

Could be I'm insulating myself from it.

Yeah, that's it. Insulation.

How? Why? What? Did he? Didn't he?

Honestly I can't really take it anymore.

#7 is not the first, won't be the last.
Just like Tiger. Just like Gamecock Govenor.
Just like... just like... just like...

My head spins... better; my head melts.

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