Wednesday, March 3, 2010


A few observations that I must ramble about:

1. Why do little girls have to have clothes
bought for them that has glitter glued
all over them? Don't people understand
that glitter all over the house stays all
over the house no matter how much you
vacuum for at least the length of time
you own the house?

2. Yes, all cereal floats in the toilet,
just like it does in the milk (or your
favorite liquid) you pour on it.

3. Shoes don't disappear on their own.
Little boys move them to undisclosed

4. Can't your local school district figure
out that the way to save cost is to cut
back on paper. Really. The 2 children
I have in school bring enough paper home
each day that if you could return it
back to tree status I would have a
forest of Sequoias in my yard.

5. My front yard should not be where
all the snow from Industry is plowed too.
And you wonder why I don't cut my grass
in the front for the first 3 months of summer.

6. Can you staple socks to a child?

7. I'm planning on using 6 hours to
replace the front bumper cover on our
hyundai. So, I guess I will be doing it
for at least a week.

8. Churches... especially kids sunday
school class, awana programs, etc etc,
please read #4 above.

9. Balloons are from the diablo, no
ands ifs or buts about it.

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