Wednesday, March 10, 2010

"The Hawk"

We've got a hawk that has decided
to use the proximity around our home
as an open invitation to dine... almost

I can always tell when he/she (really
how could I tell) is around. It gets
eerie quiet outside. No birds chirping.
No birds flying about. No birds eating
day old stale moldy bread someone
from our adobe has thrown around the
tree outside.

One thing I've observed about said
hawk... if you are any kind of bird
other than a dove, you're pretty safe.
The reason being, I haven't seen
him/her catch anything other than

I enjoy the hawk. Saved me lots of
money not having to buy bird seed
this winter. Nothing would come
to it... well, the squirrel would, but
I can't seem to convince the hawk
to catch that bird-seeding thief.

Of course, maybe my neighbor will
put it into a walmart plastic bag
on my van come fall. (another
story for another time.)

So what's the point? Why the
hawk-tale? I'm not sure.
But I'm starting miss that
distinctive coo of the mourning dove.

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